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Sabriel rec list. It's short so feel free to suggest some on the forums. Sam goes back to watch Gabriel's porno in case they missed something. Turns out... he did. Oneshot Gabriel is split in two and Sam finds a way to make him one again. Sex fixes everything. Oneshot/Twoshot Gabriel gets Sam's number and Sam really doesn't mind. Oneshot Sam wakes up to Gabriel wearing an elvis costume and Dean sleeping in the bath. Oneshot Part 1 Part 2 Don't know if part 2 is any good since I only just found out she made one but great. Especially for shits and giggles. Gabriel wants Sam and tries to woo him... winds up making Sam think Gabriel is trying to bully him instead. Hilarious. Gabriel caters to Sam's every need he never says he wants and pranks Dean lightly but enough to piss him off. Sam is confused but grateful, and Dean is just pissed off. Oneshot Sam is a happy drunk, and Gabriel just happens to want to know everything Sam wouldn't usually say if he were sober. Oneshot Cute. My first Sabriel and got me addicted. Oneshot Gabriel is dead but he can show up in Sam's dreams. I thought this was going to be purely angst and tear me to pieces. Kind of disappointed it didn't. Oneshot Sam just wants to go to work in peace, live in his apartment in peace, and maybe go to the grocery store in peace. But his crazy stalker Gabriel won't let him. Granted, the third time was an accident. Hilarious, must read, from Gabriel's point of view. Best part is, it's taken out of an incredibly long awesome Destiel (apparently) haven't read the Destiel but with this writer, I'll go ahead and say go check out the other fic too. Dark as all hell but so good... I adored it. Very dark, AU, but with Destiel and Sabriel. Can't say anything because it sounds too bad to read but it's better than it sounds. Much better. Especially with the ending. Oneshot Sam can't find his boxers. Oneshot Sabriel/Destiel Gabriel runs a chocolatier place and makes a bad first impression with Sam. But now he gives him free chocolate and coffee. More Destiel then Sabriel but the Sabriel is adorable and worth reading the full thing. Sam doesn't want to say yes to Lucifer, but what happens if he says yes to Gabriel? Oneshot Brief glimpses of Gabriel and Sam's life together. From the start to sex to meeting the kids Sam really didn't want to meet. It works. Oneshot. 3 drabbles PWP Sam has to be the slutty maid for Gabriel. Oneshot. Gabriel loves it when Sam smiles. Oneshot. To escape a destiny he's never wanted, Sam will give up everything that makes him who he is, and possibly find more than only redemption in the process. A bit fluffy. Gabriel knows a way to get Sam's soul back. Oneshot Subtly doesn't help Sam figure out Gabriel likes him. Flowers do though. Oneshot. Sam's whole world starts with the floor. Oneshot Gabriel's not sure how he ends up in a relationship. Oneshot Gabriel is a bartender and Sam is a dancer. Oneshot. Because the universe hates him, and clearly Gabriel has nothing better to do than notice humiliating things about Sam and point them out at every available opportunity. Oneshot Sam wakes up on the bathroom floor. Oneshot Some people don't know what they want until it's gone, and some people want things they can't have. Oneshot.